I recently shot a story for Madame magazine (May 09 issue) using my favourite theme: scale. The idea had been sitting on my sketchbook for a while and I finally got to shoot it.

The Ames room is an optical illusion created by a distorted/forced perspective. Objects or in this case people appear twice the size on one side as the other. The same technique was used in the Lord of The Rings films.

There are no manuals or books to tell you how to build such a room, at least none that I found, and I searched hard. So I had to go back to school and dust off my brain to work out the excrutiatingly (for me) complex trigonometry involved.

I blueprinted the room, which was also excruciating. From a very early age I wanted to be an architect, it was my dream for years until I reached my teens and found out that architects have to draw vents and RSJ’s and support columns, and then the dream was shattered. I blueprinted the room down to every nail, so the construction could run like an Ikea wardrobe.

This is the boys and me building it. I loved that nail gun.

And this is José shrinking and growing

The shoot crew

shoot crew

you can see some shots from the story in the gallery here

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